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Photo Gallery

JANE AUSTEN DRESSES JANE AUSTEN DRESSES Camie Make your own put together from a thrift store. 198290846 Nancy Created from a Sense and Sensibility evening gown pattern. 198290847 Emma Converted dress from thrift store and bonnet converted from sun hat and short jacket made into spencer jacket. 198290848 Deb and Norelle Coordinating two some of lilac with over skirt for evening. 198290849 Hannele Hannele created this gown from drapery material and topped it with a converted sun hat. 198290852 Pat and Thalia Lovely ensemble for the grandma and grand daughter made by Linda 198290853 Irene In lovely print made by Linda 198290854 Victoria Charming outfit made by Mom and Grandma. 198290855 Barb Yellow and Iris Blue ensemble made by Linda 198290856 Ophelia Butterick pattern in Linen fully lined and made by Tricia. 198290858 Diana Lovely pale blue and white ball gown with turban hat made by Diana. 198290860