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LADIES: Long dress with any length of sleeve but not sleeveless. Low neckline and high waistline under bust.

Ladies must accessorize with gloves and a bonnet and optionally a parasol, reticule (purse) and jewellery.

GENTLEMEN: Tail coat and britches (below the knee) with waistcoat, white shirt and neck cloth (cravat) and knee high boots. Top hat is preferred.

First of all....can you sew? A little? Somethings? or Designer Gowns?

We have put together options for all degrees of skill or possibly none at all.

Let's go over your options for a Jane Austen gown.

Option 1 - Acquiring the fabric, the pattern and making it from scratch. MEDIUM SKILL LEVEL


Option 2 - Going the Thrift Store route and have fun scouring the racks and shelves for suitable supplies.



View video at right to see how to convert thrift store finds into regency costumes


Option 3 - Calling up a friend that does some sewing and ask for help. DIPLOMATIC SKILLS NEEDED


Option 4 - Calling up a seamstress and going the dressmaker route. FINANCIAL SKILLS NEEDED


Option 5 - Buying one on line . NO SKILL BUT HASSLE FREE WAY TO GO


Option 6 - Buying a made to measure from the Centennial Belles STARTING AT $25.00

Here are some options for you to consider for Ladies.

(Gentlemen and Children coming soon.)

*Patterns available at our workshops*

For more examples of Regency

Costuming click here "

Option One is what Nancy did.

She bought the fabric and downloaded the pattern from Sense and Sensibility.

For more information on fabrics and patterns click here.

Photo credit: Stirling Images Photography

Option Two was Camie's choice.

Her dress is a thrift store purchase with the addition of the lovely bonnet that she made for herself.

Photo credit: Stirling Images Photography

Option Three was Pat's choice.

Pat used all her charm to convince Linda to make her and her grand daughter a lovely twosome ensemble.

Photo credit: Stirling Images Photography

Option Four was Victoria's choice.

Victoria was able to have Deb (one of our Centennial Belles who is also a very talented seamstress) make her costume.

Photo credit: Stirling Images Photography

Option 5: Checking online.

The dress on the left was found on under a vendor's name of Verdantaah.

This gown is priced at $168 but they do vary in size and quality

Option 6: Buying from the Centennial Belles

This dress has been made out of a rust cotton blend and seen here with a Spencer Jacket. Linda made this dress and many others that are for sale at very reasonable prices. Gowns can be viewed and tried on at any of the costume workshops listed.